About Us


DEAN’S commenced operations 27 years ago, founded in the Swart-Family garage. DEAN’S has since grown exponentially and it’s still growing! We could not have done it without the support of our loyal customers and valued suppliers.

Executive Leadership

Lead by Dean Swart, Management has a hands-on, co-operative style which leads to a warm, friendly and energetic working environment, where all staff commit to client satisfaction and exceeding expectations.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to focus on Quality Stationery & Professional Service at all times. Through transparency & trust, DEAN’S treat all clients on an individual & personal basis. For DEAN’S, it’s more important to build a rewarding, long term relationship with clients, than it is merely to gain a stationery order.

Staff: Dedicated People Who Exert Passion and Energy

At the heart of this vibrant company, you will find its prized asset: its people. All staff members play an intricate role within the company and teamwork is of utmost importance. With an attitude of “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” amongst all staff members, you will be most impressed with DEAN’S efficient service.

Trained and experienced staff are there to assist and advise you on the best quality and most cost-effective options available when ordering stationery. Our staff still believe in old-fashioned values; personal client relationships and treating each customer on an individual basis.

The following is what you can expect from DEAN’S

  • Warehouses that operate 5 days a week from 07h00 to 16h30.
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Free delivery
  • Quality products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Marketing and technical support
The following is what you can expect from DEAN’S

  • Warehouses that operate 5 days a week from 07h00 to 16h30.
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Free delivery
  • Quality products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Marketing and technical support

In-House Delivery Fleet

DEAN’S endeavour to provide you with prompt and reliable deliveries with our dedicated in-house delivery fleet. Our fleet vehicles are operated by a professional delivery team to ensure that the customer’s goods are delivered efficiently and promptly.

We deliver to the following areas:

  • East Rand
  • Pretoria
  • Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg
  • Gauteng remaining areas
  • Mpumalanga
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • Northern Cape
  • Limpopo
  • Free State
  • North West

For certain provinces we use a reliable courier to assist us with deliveries.


At DEAN’S we strive to supply the best and most cost effective stationery to our customers and therefore, quality brand names are important. DEAN’S stock is supplied by some of the largest names in the stationery industry with a range that compromises of the following:

  • General office and school stationery
  • Binders, laminators, shredders, guillotines & overhead consumables
  • Paper & board (Bright, Marble, Dayglo, Pastel)
  • Educational toys / games
  • Art products
  • Interactive White boards / E-boards
  • Chalkboards & Whiteboards (Made to Order) & Accessories
  • Custom made stamps
  • Computer accessories
  • Technical Drawing Instruments
  • Cartridges / Toners

Our Customers

  • Nursery & Pre-Primary Schools
  • ECD’s
  • Primary Schools
  • High Schools
  • Colleges & Universities

As a result of excellent and professional – but most importantly, personal service – we have secured many loyal clients over the years.

Warehouses & Stock

DEAN’S has a state of the art warehouse and is linked to a computer inventory system for easy access to all the stock items in the warehouse.

Orders processed by the call centre are sent to the warehouse to be picked and packed by one of our well trained staff members.

Orders are packed within 2 hours from receipt and sent out to the delivery depot. Any stock item not in stock, is automatically placed on backorder and orders are sent out to our suppliers immediately.

Forwards ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

DEAN’S incorporates Forward ERP as the ruling central system to integrate all functions such as: finances, sales, inventory management, purchasing, logistics, operations, distribution and RF-Scanning.

All orders are sequenced into specific order numbers which can be tracked & monitored throughout all processes, plus our barcode system allows for ease of packing and quick turn around time.


The success of the Back-To-School season is due to dedication and loyalty of the staff at DEAN’S. Our staff put in long hours to ensure service to our clients. The Back-To-School period spans between August and January. We specialize in Back-To-School Pre-Packs and Bulk Orders.

DEAN’s can do just about anything – stationery wise – ensuring a hassle free step into a new year refreshed and without any worries. Back-To-School is as easy as A B C.


Each school and grade has their own unique pre-packaged stationery pack (from Grade RRR to Grade 12) made up according to their requirements.

DEAN’S Supplies:

  • Student Stationery Packs
  • Book Packs
  • Educator’s Packs
  • Art Packs
  • Technical Drawing Packs

Bulk Orders

In the event of a school not needing packs for each individual child, a bulk order can also be supplied according to the school’s requirements.

DEAN’S supplies:

  • Bulk per Grade
  • Bulk per Teacher

Staff Training

DEAN’S invests in staff training on a monthly basis. Staff are also offered a selection of training courses throughout the year, focused on assisting them in meeting their key performance requirements in every department.

  • First Aid
  • Health & Safety Rep
  • Fire Fighting

Health & Safety

We comply to all health and safety regulations.


DEAN’S have been fortunate to attend the PE Headmasters Symposium for the last 20 years. It is one of the highlights of the year giving us the opportunity to interact with the principals on a personal basis and discuss various issues.

DEAN’S is actively involved in sponsoring and supporting the South African Teacher’s Union.

Social Responsibility

DEAN’S is determined to act to benefit society at large. We aim to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through our activities on the environment, consumers, employees and communities. We are not solely focused on maximizing profits.

Some of these initiatives have included:


Dean’s Staff Education Fund

DEAN’S support the children of staff with their annual school stationery and in selected cases, school tuition.

Welfare Organisations

We have a selection of welfare organisations whom we support on a yearly basis.
Organisations such as:

  • Abraham Kriel Kinderhuis
  • Jakaranda Kinderhuis
  • Happy Family Care Centre


DEAN’S contributes to schools through golf days, fundraising initiatives, sport tours, etc.

Environmental Focus

DEAN’S partakes in various office consumable recycling initiatives, such as:

  • Toner and cartridge recycling
  • Paper and board recycling
  • Plastic recycling
  • Electronic recycling

To ensure that our company contributes to sustainability, DEAN’S is commited to ensuring that our stationery brands are environmentally friendly.